The name of the village due to Paliouras, spiny shrub, formerly used for fencing houses. Paliouri is famous for its honey and olive oil as the entire area. Visitors can admire the unique nature and stroll around the leafy trails of the pine forest or the narrow streets of the village with their unique traditional character. In the area of ​​the village, believed that there was an ancient city named Theramvos, which Herodotus. The same author notes that the city forcibly recruited by Xerxes and may therefore not mentioned in later writers. On the peninsula and the bay of St. Nicholas found archaeological discoveries attest to the existence of the city. The residents of Paliouri participated in the revolution of 1821. A great fighter of the revolution of 1821 was the priest Nicholas Triantafyllou. In June 1918, the Royal Decree was handed over to the settlement Paliouri “Chrousos.” In Chrousos visitors can enjoy the blue waters and golden sands, which in combination with pine reach the sea in a literally breathtaking scenery. Southeast of the village, at the end of Toroneos bay and six miles to the Cape canister, the settlement is sour and after two kilometers, one encounters the village Agios Nikolaos canister with two picturesque bays and natural bay is the church of St. Nicholas. The main occupations of the inhabitants is beekeeping, tourism businesses (especially in the surrounding villages) and olives. Also, Paliouri is one of the best and most famous fishing spots of Halkidiki. One of the most ideal, including areas for fishing, is the port of Agios Nikolaos.

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