The Kriopigi peninsula of Kassandra, just 90 km from Thessaloniki. It is built on the hillside amphitheater pine hill with wonderful views over the bay of Kassandra. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and today Kriopigi located between positions and cities Naples and Flegra. The excellent climate, the combination of verdant mountains and clear sea (he was awarded many blue flags) along with high quality hospitality services, make Kriopigi one of the finest resorts in the region. The hotel units with more power of a thousand rooms, and organized camping of EOT and three hundred apartments and rooms in the area offer a comfortable and pleasant stay and possibility of various activities (water sports, excursions, tennis, horseback riding, etc.). In Kriopigi is the Educational Research and Training Center, is offering Dr. Erhart and Sofia Ziegler. The center is a meeting place throughout the year, educators from around the world who come here to work and attend seminars and conferences organized. Visitors can enjoy the place of their production of high quality natural local products: honey, fruits, wine, olives, olive oil and to visit the fountain, which was named after the village, which existed for decades. In the area all the necessary services, restaurants, supermarkets, taverns, bars, souvenir shops etc., promising paradise holiday visitors.

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