Kassandrino Mola Kaliva

In the center of the Kassandra peninsula, in a green valley with a beautiful pine horizon, lies the village Kassandrino. A traditional village with 100 houses and 250 residents. It is very old village, whose name, according to one version, comes from the neighboring Kassandra, because I had this winter quarters of their megaloktinotrofoi. The calm, peaceful and beautiful valley, the village was inhabited in antiquity and the Byzantine period. This is testified by the remains of buildings and the church of Agia Triada (old catacomb) with admirable frescoes. The village was destroyed its foundations by the Turks in the turmoil of Kassandra in 1821. He began to rebuilt after 1826 by those who survived and returned to their homeland. The first community was founded in 1918 and originally consisted of Polychrono and Kriopigi (bazaar). The village church of the Assumption was built in 1950’s hewn from local stone. Celebrated on August 15. Located 3 km SE the village in a magnificent setting with century old trees ariis, built the beautiful church of St. George. Every year in memory of St (23 April) organized a traditional feast. The village has a cosmopolitan restaurants with tasty snacks, supermarket, coffee bar, bakery. The major products of the village is the oil and honey of excellent quality. South of the village just 6 km from this, near the sea, lies the village of Mola Hut, owned Kassandrino community. It is said that it took its name from a guard who had the monks in the region. Called Mola and lived in a hut, hut Molaous told by the locals. So was the name Mola Hut. The village has hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, rented rooms, supermarkets, etc. The Mola hut with tranquil tranquil landscape, dry climate, endless beaches, ideal for lovers of tranquility and natural beauty. A beach that combines crystal clear Aegean Sea with the beauty of the green landscape. The Kassandrino was, is and will be an earthly paradise. Visit the magical trails and enjoy the picturesque streets of. Let your senses lead you to another era, when everything was simple and beautiful.

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