Kallithea is a refugee village. Its inhabitants settled in the region after the Asia Minor disaster of 1922 and the exchange of populations. They came from Maltepe of Marmara and the region of Pontus Kerassountas. Before 1925, operated in Kalithea Monks share in the form of manor, which was ruled by the Russian Monastery on Mount Athos. After the settlement of refugees and forced expropriation of the area, the settlement was named “New Maltepe” by refugees and until 1945 was ruled by the community of Athitos. The 1946 is self-existent Community named “Kallithea” which states the beautiful position of the village. In recent years settled in the settlement of people from Greece. The village attracts thousands of visitors, not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its important archaeological findings that have surfaced after archaeological investigations carried out on the beach. In Kallithea have excavated the sanctuary of Dionysus and the Nymphs, part of the sanctuary of Zeus Ammon (who worshiped in the 5th century BC) and the altar area. In the mid-fourth century BC constructed a large Doric temple in honor of Zeus Ammon. Dionysus had already worshiped in the 8th century BC, as indicated by a staircase carved into the rock and a cave that was dedicated to the worship of God. The tube position was discovered by archaeologists early Christian basilica. H quirky, original and unique early Christian basilica dating from the 6th century. The middle of the aisle is occupied by an earlier building that house seems to have been suffering. There is a small Russian style church of Saint Panteleimon of modern times with interesting frescoes, located next to the hotel Ammon Zeus. Also preserved in the stone pillars of the irrigation channel of the 19th century. Kallithea is now a modern village that can offer an unforgettable holiday. It is one of the most sought after areas of the peninsula of Kassandra, where pine trees adorn the golden sand beach and a modern commercial and cosmopolitan resort, which is characterized by large hotel complexes and traditional inns. Kallithea attracts thousands of tourists and offers a lively nightlife for those who love music and dancing.

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