Fourka and beach of Fourka

Fourka is 105 km from Thessaloniki and attracts thousands of tourists. As the traveler comes first sees the beautiful coast, the so-called ladder Fourkas. At a distance of 2 km is the village. The natural beauty and history of the village combined with modern hotel facilities and nightlife. Remarkable is the traditional hospitality of the people that create the conditions to have a great visitor. Fourka not without historical interest. An inscription on the cemetery church of St. Athanasius takes us back to Roman times. The Byzantine findings that recently came to light in the ruins of the holy Church of St. John, as well as the chapels and houses (remarkable for their architecture) are examples of the progress of this place in time. The residents of Fourka participated in the revolution of 1821. A great fighter of the revolution of 1821 was George King. A village full of greenery. A paradise of pines, olives and all sorts of trees and flowers. A place where the sea shines in the sun, wide, peaceful and mingle with the mountain pine. The clear water of the beach road is well-deserved “the blue flag of Europe.” The beauty of the landscape complements the sunset with red, purple and orange hues that paint the horizon. Apart from the natural environment, excellent tourist organization makes the visitor’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. Satisfaction of the tourists enhances ensuring entertainment. In the cosmopolitan beach of Fourka, nightlife becomes frenetic pace and fulfills all the desires of the visitor. Sure, unforgettable stay in the visitor tours along the coast or in the woods surrounding the village.

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