Haniotis (or Hanioti) located east of the peninsula of Kassandra. According to tradition, the name of the village was the first resident, who settled south of the current settlement (Old Village). He was reportedly from Chania and for this reason the settlement was named Hanioti. According to another version, the area owes its name to one Hanioti, that he had a chanitzi khan (inn) in the region. So the area was called Hanioti. The village moved to its present location in 1936, after the destructive earthquake of Ierissos in 1930, after the teacher’s actions Vratsikidi Constantine. The area is full of springs and lush vegetation.Arriving visitors to Hanioti, immediately captivated by this small picturesque paradise, that is designed to satisfy the most demanding and ensures a relaxing and memorable stay. The beautiful beach of Haniotis (or Hanioti) attracts thousands of visitors each year. The village has great beauty and unparalleled waterfront park and many other small parks, picturesque squares and tall old trees. It also has lot of parking. Visitors can find restaurants, hotels, accommodation and general infrastructure. In Hanioti there are dozens of options for entertainment throughout the day and night.

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