Agia Paraskevi and Loutra

Agia Paraskevi is situated in the hinterland of Kassandra, surrounded by pine forest. It took its name from the church, located on the outskirts of the village. ” The Bible” (as called by the locals) with its rich historical tradition was destroyed three times before and during the revolution of 1821. From the village came Makedonomachoi Sarafianos Constantine, Constantine Karageorghis and great fighter of the revolution of 1821, Christodoulos Demetriou. The villagers, simple and welcoming, happy to initiate the visitors into the secrets of beekeeping, which is the main activity with the cultivation of olives. In the village there are small, picturesque taverns with traditional food and delicacies of Halkidiki, which is always accompanied by local ouzo or raki. Visitors have the opportunity to wander the narrow streets of the quiet village and escape to beautiful trails carved through the lush forest. Five kilometers south of Agia Paraskevi, on the waterfront, is the village baths, which consists mainly of holiday homes, apartments and hotels. The residents, permanently residing in the baths, are mainly engaged in fishing, beekeeping, olive growing and tourism. The settlement took its name from the hot springs, famous for their healing properties. The first source was discovered by a farmer who was looking to sprinkle sulfur in the vineyards. After the Second World War, people blew up the rocks with dynamite and sprang the hydrosulphide water at 39 o C from the volcano, which created the new Thermopigi. Originally named St. Nicholas source and later Holy Friday. The location of the sources, the first years created a small hut with two rooms and in 2000 built a new modern building. Thus, developed a small resort, the source dedicated to the grace of Zoodochos source and reconstructed in the church. The modern spa (SPA) is known for rare medicinal properties, is open to all ages and swimming pool, sauna, hamam, massage (individual and group) for healing and rejuvenation. The spa covers the needs of modern man, who works and moves permanently to a fast pace. It offers relaxation in a beautiful environment with full medical support. The spring water is indicated for many diseases such as bone, joints and muscles, and skin diseases

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